Job Searching Resources

Resources for Job Searching

In some cases for those seeking a job, it is necessary to find out more information about a specialized area of knowledge. The selections below address many of these specialized needs. Follow the links we've included to find the information you may need.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Vocational Rehabilitation
Services for People with Disabilities
Other States' Workforce Sites
Fidelity Bonding Program
Job Hunting Tips


MDES wants to help you simplify your job search and make it as productive as possible. So we provide what we think are some of the best ways to look for jobs available in Mississippi. These job search tools include:

MDES Online Employment Services
WIN Job Centers
Governor's Job Fair Network
MSWorks Mobile App on GooglePlay
MSWorks Mobile App on AppStore


MDES also recommends several outside websites to help you in your job search.Take the time to look for opportunities available for you on:

College Employment Listings
State Jobs
United States Jobs