Bulk Filing (Form UI-2 Tax Report only)

Bulk Filing

MDES offers the option of Bulk Filing to its customers who prepare quarterly Tax and Wage Reports for 25 or more clients.  Please see the requirements and file specifications below.

The requirements for Bulk Filing are
Tax preparers must have 25 or more clients to use this method.
The Bulk tax reports must be submitted on a CD which is uploaded into our system.
A Test CD must be submitted and approved at least 14 days prior to submission of actual reports.  The test CD should be labeled TESTCD . A response to the test should be issued within 3 days.
The name of the file on the CD should be in the following format: "UI2_PAYROLLCompanyName_yyyyMMdd.txt".
Include a Contact Name, Telephone number and Email Address with the CD.
Payment must be in the form of one Super-Check for the total remittance of all clients combined.
The amount of the Super-Check must equal the sum of all the detail remitted amounts on the CD.
All clients on the CD must be registered with MDES and have been assigned an MDES Employer Account Number (EAN).
Bulk Filing is available on current quarter tax reports only. Prior quarters cannot be filed using this method.
The CD must also be accompanied by a hard copy printout of the data contained on the quarterly magnetic report in sequential order by EAN.


Mail the CD, Super-Check and Printout to the MDES Tax Department via U.S. Mail at the following address:

MDES Tax Department
Attn: Tax Chief
Mississippi Department of Employment Security
PO Box 22781
Jackson MS 39225-2781

Bulk Filing can only be used for submitting the Form UI-2 Tax Report.

The File Layout for the CD is shown below.

Filelayout Bulkfilingtable102920d

To download a printable PDF of the tables above, click here

Detail Wage information (Form UI-3) can be submitted electronically but must be submitted separately using the prescribed method. Select here for more information.

For information on other Tax Filing Methods, select here.

For assistance, please contact the MDES Tax Department at