Report Separation / Refusal of Work

Report a refusal of work in 2 ways.


  1. RESTART MS provides reporting of Refusal of Work, Return to Work, Unable to Contact Ex-Employees, and Never Separated (Fraudulent Claims).>

    Note: ReStartMS requires that employers use their Unemployment System login.

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  2. Report Separation or Refusal of Work provides reporting of Refusal of Work and Job Separations (Voluntary Quit and Discharge).>

    Report Separation or Refusal of Work >

Businesses that post job openings through the MS Works system help quickly connect refusals of work. Even if a business does not have the applicant’s social security number or other identifying information, the MS Works system can identify a person through referrals and help identify a refusal of work in the system.



Report Separation / Refusal of Work


Employers: Important Information on Reporting Refusals of Work

Thank you for using our website to notify us of a recent separation or refusal of work. Your quick notification will help prevent unemployment insurance overpayments, which will help keep your unemployment insurance tax rate as low as possible.

If you have already received a Notice to Employer of Claim Filed and Request for Information, you should click here to proceed to the QuickACCESS screen where you can respond to the Notice. Otherwise, to report a separation or refusal of work...

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What factors are used to determine if work is suitable?

Mississippi law provides guidance on whether a job offer is “suitable.”

  1. Risk involved to the claimant’s health, safety, and morals as well as his/her physical fitness;

  2. Prior training compared to the job offered;

  3. Experience and prior earnings compared to the job offered;

  4. Length of unemployment of the claimant (the longer the term of unemployment the wider the range of jobs that become suitable);

  5. Prospects for securing local work in his/her customary occupation;

  6. Distance of the available work from his/her residence (0-43 miles is suitable); and

  7. Wages offered must be at least minimum wage and customary for the occupation.


State law also defines certain working conditions or circumstances as “unsuitable.”


  1. Position is vacant due directly to a strike, lockout, or other labor dispute;

  2. Wages, hours, or other conditions of the work offered are substantially unfavorable or unreasonable. MDES has the sole discretion to determine “substantially unfavorable or unreasonable” and considers workers in the similar class;

  3. Individual is required to join a company union or is prohibited from joining a union or other bona fide labor organization; and

  4. Unsatisfactory or hazardous working conditions exist that could result in a danger to the physical or mental well-being of the worker. “Hazardous” involves an evaluation of workers in the same or similar jobs under the same or similar conditions.